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Chesterton Toys – The home of Kid-Powered Entertainment

Welcome to Chesterton Toys – the home of kid-powered entertainment! Our toy store is a wonderland of classic and wooden toys, as well as modern playthings, games, books and more! We put a strong focus on “kid-powered” entertainment; we believe that an active imagination is the key to a successful childhood! Reminisce with your children or grandchildren by bringing them to our toy store! We’re proud to offer a family shopping experience unlike any other! Grow a love of old-fashioned, classic toys in your child. We’ll see you at Chesterton Toys today!

Eco-Friendly Toys

Chesterton Toys is proud to offer eco-friendly toys and games. We’re conscious of the environment, especially in regard to the life-cycle of a toy. That’s why you won’t find much in the way of battery-operated or plastic toys here! Many of our toys are produced with eco-friendly practices, including sustainable forestry, eco- and child-friendly dyes and recycled materials. One of our vendors, Green Toys, is widely popular as an environmentally friendly provider of unique toys and games! You won’t find another toy store like Chesterton Toys!

From Humble Roots

Chesterton Toys began as Alice’s Garden Toy Boutique, a small set up at the Chesterton European Market. At the European Market, we discovered a love of classic, wooden toys. When the people of Chesterton, Indiana and surrounding areas asked for a local toy store, we delivered! Our recent store expansion offers new and unique toys, games, puzzles and more for kids of all ages! Learn more about Chesterton Toys’ beginnings here.

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