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Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles

  • CALMING TOYS FOR KIDS: Our Express Your Feelings Sensory Bottles provide children with quiet, self directed, tangible ways to identify how they’re feeling, release the energy those feelings create, and calm down..Ideal for ages: 3 years and up
  • HANDS-ON SENSORY FIDGET TOYS: Each set includes 4, easy-to-grip, securely sealed bottles that help children learn to use facial and body clues to identify their emotions—happy, angry, scared, or sad.
  • EMOTIONAL REGULATION FOR KIDS: These sensory bottles come with an activity guide that is designed to encourage discussion and conversation about responding to emotions in positive and productive ways.
  • QUIET TIME ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: These sensory fidget tubes double as fun sensory fidget toys that react in different ways when you mix them up, shake them, or flip them over!