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T-Rex Rumble - Big Challenge Little Arms Game

  • HILARIOUS CHALLENGE GAME USING TINY DINO ARMS: Strap on your tiny dinosaur arms and prepare to laugh while trying to complete hilarious challenges from categories like drawing and charades
  • HOW TO PLAY: Roll the die and draw a card. Strap on the T-Rex arms and complete the challenge on the card. First team to collect 10 cards wins
  • INCLUDES: 2 T-Rex arms, 100 challenge cards, 13 foam pieces, ball, dry erase marker, 30-second timer, and die
  • 4 HILARIOUS CATEGORIES: Challenges will fall under these 4 categories: Prehistoric Pickup, Dino Drawings, Cretaceous Charades, and Rumble Challenges
  • SPARK TOGETHERNESS: Let’s play – together! Educational Insights toys and games are designed to make the most of together time, helping kids learn to build positive relationships, work together, compromise and share, win and lose gracefully, and so much more.
  • For Ages 7+